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    Hello all I have just got a palm pre I am a long time iPhone user and I have to say I love web os I actually find it btter then iPhone os the deal breaker is apps. It is my one complaint about the pre otherwise I actually like it more. I already am ready for home brew apps. So what are some good apps. Mabye help me use my pre more then iPhone
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    I think you are going to have to narrow things down a bit as to what exactly you are looking for. "Good apps" is a bit vague.
    You can see the top free and paid apps over at Appetite | Stuff Your Palm
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    Website is great thanks and kinda essentials like great home brew or good app catalog. Is there any apps that u can do fb chat?
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    Personally I use Dr Podder, Timer Classic, The Classic App so I can use the Voice recorder, Agenda, Yellow Pages, Weather Dashboard is a must, it's the best weather app.

    My games that I'm working on Dungeon Hunter, Tetra Blocks (But I want to get Tetris Mania), Presteroids (Bad name), Nes Emulator to play Mario games, Chess, Space Invaders. I want to buy Monopoly and Sims 3, but I have too much work to do and too many games already.

    For music, I love Grooveshark!!! Radio Time is great, so is BroadCAST for my Shoutcast radio fix.

    But for the phone, the essentials are JSTop (makes the phone more solid) and....


    I love Launchpoint. It puts a one button link in your launcher for any phone number in your contacts. It works great. I've got a whole launch page full of my most used phone contacts I can access so easily.

    The apps I still want that are in the catalogue

    Wifi Media Sync. Dying for that one.

    Oh and Where's my Car.

    So anything you might like?
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    Try PictureIt

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