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    Is there some other way to differentiate these apps in the app store/app web/beta web etc because it is becoming congested and with so many similarly titled tools. All these localized public trans apps while awesome for those who rely on those services (be you the poor souls that have temp need or the truly lost souls who use city transportation as a big part of their lives, or even the thugs and phoney panhandlers - {who make bank with their scams} are fragmented across lists and have no cities in titles often at first which just wastes time for all who touch these files in whatever way.

    After living in NY for 30 years I know how useful these tools would have been for my days and nights of poor decisions and knowledge is power even if you have a Westchester Cty mark that is quite a temptation for would be muggers . Then you have 4 17 year olds and up on 165th or so in mom's 911 at midnight well . I'd have preferred the phone app to the guns drawn that night. . however I digress because I'm wasted and now live in Vegas which is similar but with dumber people, excluding myself of course.

    Chartreuse and Absinthe @ Double Down makes fingers unresponsive to brain which is now bright green. Anyhow I think my point may have been to please add descriptors or maybe Palm can just make a specific tag for the entire genre of transportation scheduling apps. Also some just use acronyms that are cute but not known to the tourist per se thats gonna get most value from it.

    Ive considered doing one for Vegas but a) I am powerfully skilled in dl/ing and editing **** and nothing 65?"> 2)yet I havent written any code since Texas Instrument and 3)
    I am losing my mind at an alarming rate . . . Actually, I'm not really alarmed at all.
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    The ultimate fix for this would be if my favorite PalmOS app (MetrO) were ported to WebOS. It has just about every transit system in the WORLD available as downloadable databases, and would take up exactly one line in the App Catalog. It does run under the Classic emulator, according to their web site:

    Metro for Palm & PocketPC

    They do have their web-based version available ( i-Métro ), but it's not quite as convenient as the standalone PalmOS app.....

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