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    I have a question concerning the alarm clock. I have enabled an alarm within the clock app. I can see a bell in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Now when I touch the status bar, and swipe away the bell, I expect the alarm to be set to "off" in the clock app. But it isn't.

    What is the behaviour of the alarm clock in this state?
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    background notification. it will go off when it needs to, but there is already a clock running. i got timepieces, nice clock app, looks great at night on the ts
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    What you are seeing at the bottom of the screen is just a notification to let you know it's set. Swiping it away just gets rid of the notification, it does NOT affect the alarm in any way. When the alarm goes off, you can either hit "Snooze" or "Dismiss". Dismiss will not turn the alarm to "Off" either, but if the alarm is set to only go off "Once" (as opposed to "Daily" or whatever), then you won't have to worry about it going off again.
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    Ok, thanks!
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    "How does the alarm clock work?" doesn't! For me anyways.

    I've resorted to my old G1 for alarm use now since I've awoken late many-o-time now with reliance on the Pre's default alarm. Not sure what I did to it to make it stop working correctly.
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    You're welcome, prenode.

    Yah, my "Daily" alarm does not work. The others do, but not that one. Sucks. I have no idea when Palm will fix this.

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