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    I've searched and didn't see anything about this, so..

    I've used the Homebrew Google voice app, but never knew that this web-based Google Voice app was available from Google since basically the beginning of Feb.

    "Google Voice for iPhone and WebOS

    Today we are launching a new Google Voice mobile web app for iPhone OS 3.0 and higher and Palm Web OS devices, harnessing the power of HTML5, a new web technology that makes it possible to run faster, richer web-based applications right in the browser."
    Has anyone else seen this? I've never seen anything about it and don't think I've been sleeping THAT much.
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    Yes, been using it since it was released. I love that it dials a gateway number instead of call backs or long dialing strings.
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    lol... how did I miss the release of this? >scratches head<
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    why is it then when the web app calls my phone, its a random number and NOT my google number?

    Most other apps (iOS app, old google version on webos browser, etc) show the google number as gateway.
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