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    First issue, Friendsbook stopped working today. Does anyone know why, or if it will ever be back?

    Second issue, I am now forced to use the regular Facebook app. I don't see where notifications are. Am I missing something? I have the latest version, I cannot figure out where notifications are. Is this a feature of the app? If so, where are these notifications?

    Third -- is there any app out there that does have notifications, that is reliable, and good? Recommendations appreciated.
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    go to preware and download the beta FB app and use that it's much better the notifications are in the top left on the globe icon same as regular facebook or they come in like any other webos notification
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    if you don't like preware, go get app scoop from the app catalog and you can get the fb beta app there.
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    Thanks for the help. The Facebook beta app blows Friendsbook out of the water!

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