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    i cant download apps from palm please help thanx
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    What happens when you try?
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    it just don't load
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    This happened to me and my mom after the last OS upgrade. We had to wipe the phones, it was the only thing that worked. Once they were wiped, all the apps corrected themselves, and I was able to download new ones.
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    well I can't do that... I have patches and preware and no comp anymore to put them back... Thanxs thou... Hopefully it will just fix it self next update
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    I am having the same exact problem as this user. I have spoken to others and seen in forums on precentral that this issue does exist. Please help find a solution that doesn't require a partial erase and hours of re customizing my phone.

    Also, if you look at the new description of the RadioTime app in the App Catalog, it also mentions people having downloading issues and to contact support. This is obviously becoming a widespread issue..

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