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    Here's a new and exciting bug that I seem to have discovered. Several times now while running Classic. I start out by running JStop, Battery Monitor, a webOZ Bible app, ClassicNote, and Classic with BibleReader running. After about about thirty to ninety minutes of everything happily running, the webOS portions suddenly stop working. I can't pull down the app menu or the phone menu. The time in the topbar stops updating, I bring up the launcher and can't move from one screen to another, and Universal Search fails to bring up anything. Any attempt to launch a webOS app brings up a splash screen which never launches. And all the while PalmOS applications continue running happily inside Classic. This problem persists until I restart my Pre.

    Curiously enough it is however still possible to take screenshots despite this problem even if I can't upload them until I restart my Pre.

    Notice how in this screenshot the PalmOS launcher shows a different time than the top bar of the Pre because the top bar of the Pre has stopped responding.

    Three apps are clearly visible in this next screenshot. Classic is in the middle, ClassicNote is on the left and the Phone app is on the right. The Phone app as you can tell has "just" been launched and appears as a splash screen and it will never finish loading. It might be a little more difficult to tell from the screenshot what is going on with ClassicNote but I tapped on a note and it is highlighted but never opened while I was running this little experiment (I would estimate for 15-30 minutes).

    Now I am not necessarily blaming Classic entirely for this problem. Clearly we are talking about a large number of applications interacting with each other. As you can tell from the screenshots, in addition to the apps which were running at the time, I also have a custom theme (Dark Blue & Black if anyone is curious) and 55 patches installed, including six which directly affect the appearance of the top bar.

    While this problem doesn't always happen when I run Classic, it does however only happen while Classic is running. (I wonder if there is a conflict between Classic and JStop's garbage collection routines?) So my question is has anyone else encountered this problem? Or is it just me? I did notice one thread Quitting Classic causes Photos not to show... which describes a problem which sounds vaguely similar to mine but can't really say for sure that these two problems might be related.
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    This has happened sometimes for me, even with just Classic and the email app open. I can move the cards and seemingly open the launcher (although as you say, the top bar doesn't respond), but can't launch programs or view email messages. I've got 30 or so patches, but no themes. Not a new bug for me; it started happening quite some time ago, pre-1.4.
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    I also have experienced PalmOS app hangs while running under Classic. One of the apps, DateBk6, is Classic certified. I have written both the app developer and Motion Apps and both blame each other. I'm waiting for the latest response from Motion Apps because I noticed that the word "KLUDGE" appears in the app menu just before it crashes.

    By the way, I have few patches installed, maybe 13, and the 800MHz script (not the kernel). No themes.

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