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    Has anyone else had issues trying to use pinch-zoom acting strangely in Sprint Navigation? I have actually seen this issue for some time, and have searched the forums a couple of times and not seen anyone else talk about it. Here is the scenario:

    I map a route, and I want to take a closer look at the end location or a point along the route. In the trip summary, I go to the map and pinch zoom to try get down to the point I want to see. Very often when trying to zoom in, the zoom goes crazy and zooms way in, and stops in a location I don't recognize. So I start zooming out, and after I get far enough zoomed out, I can see that it has stopped at some location in Brazil! The first time I thought the location was a fluke, but I have done this several times, dating back to probably 1.2.x, and it always ends up in Brazil. Here is a screen shot showing the map after I have zoomed out.
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    Yes, I noticed the same problem. I try not to spread my fingers too wide (outside the screen area) when zooming in- this seems to keep it from resetting the location to Alaska! Also, I don't like the default level of zoom when you first get a search result back. It's too wide. I'm looking for patches that fix this problem. Any suggestions?

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