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  • JVault

    8 61.54%
  • SplashID

    5 38.46%
  • SafeBox

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  • Uberpass

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    So, it looks like there are about (4) Password Manager Apps out there right now. Each has had updates since they first came out and therefore have changed over time. What is everyone's opinions for the best one over all at this point in time for WebOS? Taking into account all major aspects, I can think of.

    Things like:

    Syncing with desktop, Ease of use, Complete package for all account types, Price, Security, possibly more?

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    I used splashID for a time but switched to jVault for its back up capability. Also, jVault now as a desktop client as well and I don't think splashID did at the time, though that may have changed.

    I've been perfectly happy with jVault. My only [minor] quibble is that when synching between the phone and the desktop, it does a copy rather than a true sync. I understand that future versions will do a true sync between the two.

    I haven't tried the other two apps you mention.
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    LastPass is missing from this list - the best solution for me.
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    I'm very satisfied with jVault.
    it's very feature complete and the developer updates fairly often and is very responsive.

    I only have two complaints to add arhoolie's comment:
    1) if the app enters lock-out mode (you can specify what conditions trigger this), any current changes you were making to any item (or if you were in the middle of creating one) is lost. it reverts to the list screen.

    2) this one is very specific to me, but I'd enjoy cloud syncing.

    I know many people wouldn't opt for cloud syncing and prefer to have a local back-up on their computer hard drive.

    jVault has risen in price to but it's still a good deal at six bucks.
    I think it's another three if you'd like to spring for the desktop client.
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    I use Keyring. It is pretty basic, but it already has almost all of the features I need, and the developer is working on or has plans for the rest. It is also open source and free. If I want to know what it is doing, I can check the source code.

    I think I first started using it because it was the easiest to get my existing data into. I extended the converter he had written for Keyring for PalmOS to convert my CodeWallet file, and then imported that into Keyring.
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    If I could vote for JVault more than once I would.

    You might want to check out this thread for JVault vs. SplashID.
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    As Grabber 5.0, I use Keyring and am very happy with the app as I could migrate my data from PalmOS. I think this great app is missing in the poll ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulp View Post
    LastPass is missing from this list - the best solution for me.
    +1. LastPass is great.
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    i like secustore which is not up there either, the insert feature is great
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    Definitely Key Ring.
    I've been using KeyRing since PalmOS and the WebOS version is even better.
    Import from PalmOS KeyRing and other formats is available.
    Also there is an email backup option.
    And also there is coming a CSV out version, which is the only way to go, in case Palm stops supporting WebOS or goes out of business.
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    As the consultant always will say: it depends!

    Here some thoughts, feel free to comment, like brain storming!
    • it should be comfortable to use, like: cut & paste, sync with desktop/cloud, auto-fill in the browser, and so on
    • it should be secure, like: no communication through insecure channels (WiFi, www), only trustable/reliable algorithms/provider,

    So on the one side I would choose an application like e.g. Keyring, as it is not highly integrated nor is communicating to others.

    On the other side I would choose an application like SecuStore, as it is comfortably integrated (auto insert) and syncs to my desktop.

    And before you ask: I use Keyring.
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    I also like Secustore. My only reservation with it at this point is its ability to export the data.

    My requirements for any password management system:
    1. Desktop client (you don't want to type in lots of urls and data on your phone), preferably one that also runs on the Mac.
    2. Synchronization between desktop and phone, preferably without anything going to "the cloud"
    3. structured data, not free form. so columns, templates, etc. are needed.
    4. encryption at all levels and times.
    5. ability to enter in some notes, non-structured data.
    6. Ability to import data from other systems or csv files.
    7. developer support
    8. ability to export data (you want to protect your investment).

    Secustore fits all of this with the exception of #8, which the developer is working on.

    Give it a try. I use it as my replacement for Passwords Plus! (owned by Dataviz, now owned by RIM...)
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    Another +1 for the missing option, Keyring
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    Secustore is awesome, i had it while it was in beta... you won't be disappointed!
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