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    Since More Stocks is now available in the UK etc...I am just wondering when you will be adding support for international stocks?

    Also integration with Google Finance portfolios for UK stocks is broken. Basically, the price is given in terms of pence on google (ie 0.01GBP is shown as 1) so the total value of the holding in the portfolio view is 100x times bigger than what it should be.

    Calendar events seem to be broken? I cant see any events on any of my stocks.

    Also, 2 way sync with google finance would be very nice...and perhaps the ability to view all transactions for the stock when u click on it in the portfolio view (for google finance).

    Perhaps you want to look into having a stock screener and financial statement viewer as well in the future!

    Looks quite good!
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    Thank you for the detailed comments!

    International stocks are coming very soon. You will see an announcement as soon as it's available.

    I will look into the issue with GBP on Google Finance. We should be able to fix it without an app update.

    Upcoming events are not available for all stocks. Unfortunately, they only show up for companies that share the information publicly, and well in advance of the event.

    More Google Finance and other portfolio improvements are part of the next major update. Stay tuned!

    Thanks again and if you have any more comments or questions, just let us know!

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