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    Didn't check the app store.. But if it is there, anyone try it yet??
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    didn't notice it was already in the store before... Read the reviews, maybe this is the update to fix connectivity issues?
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    yes i tried it it isnt perfect but it works it still nees some improvments like blink notifications and ring notifications and maybe facebook chat and video music picture sending but otherwise its working great and with no problem it just needs a better notification system but its only 2.99
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    o they lowered the price? i may try it im sure it was more than 2.99 before
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    yes it was 9.99 before judt to let u know its a pretty basic app it works but dont expect anything to specially from it but i am happy to have it since my messenger on the pre never worked.
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    jus purchased it, not bad, pretty plain looking, it does work but there is no sound for notifications just vibration i kinda miss having the im convos and text msg convos in one chat window with the native messaging app but for $2.99 i'll take it

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