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    I have been using both LaunchPoint and Super Contacts for a few days now and I can't decide which one to use on a permanent basis. Both have different functionality. I have two, email, sms without opening the keyboard to get to the contact, and also using groups. Super Contacts has the ability to kind of do both, but want something super easy and fast. Can anyone share their experiences/thoughts on the subject.

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    I have a Pre also so I know how much of a pain it is to open the keyboard to make a quick call. I prefer Super Contacts because of how easy and customizable it is. I setup 3 groups, Family, Friends and Work then loaded each group with contacts that belong in each of the groups. When I added the contacts, it made the phone numbers and SMS numbers automatically available just by tapping on the contacts. It is a pretty efficient system, when you tap a contact, it shows what number it will call (or sms or email, etc), but then you can tap again and it will show another number for that contact. You can cycle through the list just by tapping. That system makes it very easy for me to be able to reach my contacts at various numbers just by tapping once or a few times. I have not used the distribution functionality, but I can see how that would be useful also.
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    LaunchPoint all of the way! 2 taps at most to get what you need......The only thing is it can take up some real estate on you're launcher. Works like a champ!
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    I use the Photo Dialer app and it has been working out great for me. Sometimes though, it's just as easy to slide open the keyboard and start typing the first letters of a contact to make call to someone. I also have installed the patch that hangs up the call by closing the slider. So easy even a monkey can do it.
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    I use the DG Quick Cut app to make a few buttons to the SMS or phone calls I make most often

    I use Super Contacts as my 'quick dialer', but I really wish it had more screen real estate devoted to the actual contact buttons, and I also wish it had an option to close the program after choosing a contact.

    i haven't tried launchpoint yet
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    I use LaunchPoint and love it. The great thing is that contacts are placed as icons on your launcher, so that speed dials (or texts or emails) are literally one click away. You never have to open the app, except to create new launcher icons. Basically the program just creates launcher icons. Because I save all my webpage links this way too, right alongside apps, it makes sense to have my top speed dials there as well. In fact, I have a launcher page pretty much just dedicated to LaunchPoint contact icons.

    One thing that's cool is the webOS built-in ability to add pauses and additional numbers to contacts, for automating repeatedly used menu options. (see: Some people use this to check their office messages, or login to their bank account. I've made a regular webOS contact I call "work messages", which has this string of pauses and numbers required to check my office phone. With LaunchPoint, I created an icon on my launcher also called "Work Messages", with a picture of my office and everything, which refers to this contact. With a single tap I can login and listen to my office messages!

    I've got a three year old daughter who can't really use a phone yet (good thing, probably.) However, I've got a LaunchPoint contact on my phone with a picture of "Mommy". I've moved this icon to the quick launch bar at the bottom. So if you turn the phone on, it's always right there. I've taught my daughter that if she and I are alone and if anything happens to me, she can contact mommy anytime by clicking on her picture. (I'm not that paranoid, it was mostly for my own convenience.) You'll see what I mean in the attached pic.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that all the other quick dial programs require you to first open the program itself, then click on a contact from within the app. Is that correct? If so, the real strength of LaunchPoint is you don't have to open the app to make a call. Therefore a speed dial (or text, or email) is literally one click from your launch screen.
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    I use LaunchPoint daily and like it a lot. I created an additional Launcher page and filled it with 15 Lauchpoints of people that I contact daily. I like having them all on one page and I like that I can contact them without having to open a program first.
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    launchpoint hands down. Now that you can create a group text launchpoint makes it even better!!

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