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    There is a redbox app out for the palm now and its only 2 bucks. Check it out and tell them gocards300 sent you.

    The name of the app is Reboxed and you can follow them on twitter @reboxedapp.
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    Awesome! We use that all the time. Well worth the $2!
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    I found the app in the gallery

    Here's their description:
    "Don't be the one holding up the redbox line, browse and reserve movies from you phone. With Reboxed you can browse the entire redbox catalog, locate kiosks near you, and reserve movies. Features planned for future releases include: browse inventory of individual kiosks, search, and maps. "
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    Very nice! Thanks for posting!
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    sweet deal, thanks for sharing
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    The new version is out.

    Semicolon Apps
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    um... on the browser works just find for me...
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    This is totally worth the $3. We use redbox at our house all the time. Works great for my kids. I've been looking for an app that does this for a few months. Much easier to use that the web browser.
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    I agree works fine for free.
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    Well worth $3. Awsome!.
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    I meant i dont use this but if its better than the browser version... were only talking 3 bux here (maybe the cost of a draft beer at a decent bar)... prob a good investment if you use the app.. I dunno.
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    How about adding the ability to enter promo codes when you reserve? Like free movie Monday night first monday of the month? The Android version gets all sorts of promos, 50cent blu-rays. I also want a way to view only Blu-rays at my starred Kiosks, without having to manually search "Blu-ray" to filter out the DVD's. Great app though!
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    Dev already said that you can't use promo codes in the app, there's no way for him to add it. The Android and iPhone versions have them because they are developed by Redbox, whereas SemicolonApps is an independent developer working with an API that is actually private.

    If you have suggestions, hit him up on Twitter @SemicolonApps or email, he's a nice guy.

    Also, the Redbox website works like crap for free on an actual computer, I don't know how you all can stand to use it on a phone. Gladly paid $3 to never have to use that site again.

    EDIT: Actually, the Redbox website says you cannot use promo codes on the iPhone and Android apps. They can only be used at a kiosk. So either the website is out of date, or I guess you're referring to being able to get promo codes sent to you, which you can do yourself through text alerts.
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    Didn't realize he didn't have access to entering promo codes.. bummer.. well I'm sure he can work it out to only display the current Blu-ray's on a given favorited KIOSK so we don't have to filter through or perform a search.. I'll try and hit him up on twitter if he doesn't respond to email. It is a great app! I reserved The Fighter this afternoon and went and picked it up..
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    I use this app all the time. It is actually much easier to use than the website itself! well worth the money

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