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    Check the updates app. 4sq now works with 1.4.1 in your flavor of choice, as well as fixing the hanging gps issue of doom that took mojo* to fix. Rejoice and download, my friends.

    *by mojo, I mean opening up device info, waiting for the interactive test to find your GPS coordinates and then using 4sq.
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    did 1.4.1 in and of itself maybe fix the gps issue?
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    my foursquare is BLANK when I load it up. Used to list 20 places.

    load, reloaded, rebooted still empty.
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    I've got to hand it to the folks at 4sq. They've been taking full advantage of the beta feed to push out updates of their app. The new UI is gorgeous, and the "what's new" in each update is a nice touch. Great stuff!

    Personally I haven't had any problems with loading on 4sq 1.0.3. Flickr uploading doesn't seem to be working, though...
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    1.4.1 didn't fix it, it was updated by zhephree, he brought back the background gps location finder. It is awesome now, and he is just a developer, I don't believe he has much of a connection with foursquare, except a contact here and there.
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    I'm still having some GPS hanging issues with the app, but I love the progress they're making. I'd really love to see notifications included into the application. Checkins would be really nice and their other apps do this quite well.

    I hope it comes soon.
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    Hey guys... I'm the developer of the app. I'm working hard to get GPS perfect. I use the app every day myself.

    Notifications are technically in the app but won't see the light of day any time soon. The reason is that it'll show notifications for EVERY friend and ignores your Ping settings for each user. This is a limitation of the foursquare API. I'm working with the foursquare guys on getting that to work better.
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    Hi sirgeoph,

    I'm using FourSquare (now) 1.0.4 on a VZW Palm Pre and I'm still experiencing the issue where the app hangs (pretty much forever) on "finding location" if my GPS doesn't have a lock.

    Getting a GPS lock is currently an issue on Verizon Palm Pre Plus phones - [i think we're all hoping that when verizon releases this issue will be fixed] -- if I go outside, and make sure I have a lock (in the pre's interactive tests), then the app works as expected.

    the old version of the foursquare app: 0.8.52 doesnt have this issue...

    let me know if there's anything I can do to help out with diagnostics or testing...
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    Once you get a lock and the app works like normal, go to the Preferences and set GPS Accuracy to "Don't Care" (slide it all the way to the right). That should force the app to accept whatever accuracy it first gets and will load the app if you have crappy satellite coverage.
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    Foursquare says they're going to stop giving points, mayorships, etc to people who check in but don't appear to actually be at the location. The gps problem will make that a pretty bad issue for us, won't it? I often get placed around .4 miles from the location I'm actually at. I love the app otherwise, though.
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    When will the flickr uploads to foursquare issue be addressed? Pictures are being uploaded to flickr however they never show up in foursquares venues...
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    Why does foursquare only work when I manually turn on my GPS though the menu toggle I have installed?
    Can't it activate GPS by itself like google maps is hacked to do (or like the iphone app does)?

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    I propose this here: please update to allow tagging of venues

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