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    I won't be quite as harsh here as I was in the Palm Support forum, but I feel this needs to be brought to people's attention.

    I've got no problem with early versions of software, so I had no problem paying the $0.99 for DZ.Tanks, which is fun so far, and a great start towards a completed product.

    However, people should be aware that the developer is apparently planning on charging again for completed version.

    Right in the App Menu of the application I already paid once for, there's a "Give Me 40% Off" selection. Curious about what it did, I opened it, and got the following message:

    There's absolutely nothing written about this in the application's description, and so I feel that it needs to be mentioned. Pretty much a bait and switch. Despite mentioning that it's an early version, it says absolutely nothing about needing to pay again for a completed version, and despite it being a dollar, I wouldn't have wasted my money had it said that.
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    sp basically you were just paying to become a beta tester?

    rofl lame
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    jhoff80 & trim81,

    This is definitely not a beta version, or we would not be charging for it. This is a full 1.0 version. We completed a public beta with almost 2000 beta testers, and received such positive feedback and no bug reports, we decided it was time to move forward with this launch.

    This must be labeled an "Early Edition" because it has nowhere near the same number of features as the classic and many other versions that have been created since. We had planned to charge more once we felt enough features were available, but based on the positive feedback from beta testers, we decided to launch with a limited feature set at a reduced price.

    People who pay $0.99 now will get free bug fixes and many free updates, and will get the 40% discount on non-free weapons packs when released. People who don't purchase now will pay full price when the 2.0 version and weapons packs are released. We're trying to communicate as clearly as possible on our website and in the app description that this version is fun and addictive, but does not have all the features of the classic. Please help if you see a better way to communicate that.

    I hope you can agree that we will be much better able to create lots of weapons if we sell the most interesting weapons packs separately. We will also regularly release new free weapons. In fact, we plan to make a way for other developers to create free weapon packs and if they're interesting enough, charge for their best weapons packs (with no percentage coming to us).

    If this is not what you had hoped for, please email support @ for full refund.
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    Okay, that's a little better than my initial impression. However, it does still mean you don't get the full game for the initial price. That's not so much the issue as the fact that there's absolutely no mention of it in the game's description, which I still feel is deceiving towards customers.

    As the only paid application with paid DLC at a later date, it's my opinion that should be made clear from the start, before someone buys the game. It's not like this is XBox Live where it's assumed that's going to be the case.
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    I just bought it to support your development, and because you made it available to German Pres after I emailed you *g*
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    This points out why Palm needs to adopt the iPhone mechanism that makes every app free for a trial period, and then you decide if you want to pay for it.

    Either that, or a simple way to get a refund when removing an application from the phone.

    I have paid for many apps that turned out to be a complete rip off.
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    Thank you again for the feedback. We had limited space in the app description (which was written before we came up with the discount program) so we put more information on our website. But we don't want confusion, so we'll more detail to the app description and get it updated as soon as Palm will let us.
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    We too are anxious to see enhancements from Palm to standardize and simplify the process for limited betas, limited free trials, and in-game purchases.
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    Thanks a lot for your support! Exciting to hear we're already selling to the international community.

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