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    I want to use this Thread here to discuss about my App WakeTube.

    If you don't know the app here is the brief text from the App Catalog:

    With WakeTube you can wake up with a random YouTube music clip. Just set the time and wake up every day with YouTube. If you want you can define search keywords and a random video from the result will be played or enter directly a YouTube url.
    You can get the app here: Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further. it is free.
    Here is the YouTube video:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Do I have to leave the app open?
    A: No do not have to. Just close the app. It will open up again when the alarm goes off.

    Q: It does not play.
    A: There is sometimes trouble with youtube so it is possible that a video does not work. I can not proove this so the possibility is always there that an alarm does not work. Sorry for that.

    Already known feature requests:

    - Snooze

    Why should I donate?

    This app is free because I like free apps and would like to see more of them. But this apps costs me money every month. The server which is running this app is taking 50$ from me every month and so I would be very lucky if you could donate to help me running this app. I am student right know and programming apps is just my hobby. You find the donate button at the app.

    So this is all for now I will update this post. I would like to hear your comments!

    You can follow me on twitter: @omocopalm
    More apps from omoco:
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    A right now a question here: Since the latest update I notices that sometimes the time is stuck to "NaN". Then only a reinstall helps. Anyone else having this problem?

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