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    So here I am. I am the one behind omoco apps and want to use this thread to discuss with you about Ultimate Wallpaper.

    If you don't know the app here is the brief text from the App Catalog:

    Ultimate Wallpaper is a new alround wallpaper app. It displays information right where you need them. Choose from the actual weather, a RSS feed or your favorite stocks. The app will automatically update your favorite wallpaper with the information you want. Be always up-to-date!
    You can get the app here: Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further. it is free.
    Here is the YouTube video:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Can you make the wallpaper active like opening RSS links?
    A: No this is technically not possible. It is just an image.

    Q: Can you allow more than one update per hour?
    A: No because it generates much traffic. Example: 10000 users updating once per hour are generating about 500GB!!! traffic every month.

    Q: Traffic? How does the app work?
    A: When you run the wizard your wallpaper is stored save at the server. Every time you update you request your wallpaper combined with the widgets. So there is about 60-100kb traffic each time you update.

    Q: Can you make a agenda view?
    A: I am not shure if I want this. Technically not the problem but there are privacy issues because your private data is sent to the server. I am thinking about this. Perhaps with a large warning.

    Q: Server? What is saved there?
    A: Only your wallpaper an in a way no one else has access to it.

    Q: Make it work with switcharoo.
    A: This is technically not possible because palm does not allow to get the name of the current wallpaper. So I can not figure out which one you are using.

    Already known feature requests:

    - More than one widget at a time
    - Agenda widget (see above)
    - Nice icons for weather
    - Remove the word "Weather" and make the clock better visible (Move widget down a bit)
    - be continued

    Why should I donate?

    This app is free because I like free apps and would like to see more of them. But this apps costs me money every month. The server which is running this app is taking 50$ from me every month and so I would be very lucky if you could donate to help me running this app. I am student right know and programming apps is just my hobby. You find the donate button at the app.

    So this is all for now I will update this post. I would like to hear your comments!

    BTW: Here is a review of the app:

    You can follow me on twitter: @omocopalm
    More apps from omoco:
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    The weather display has stopped updating. I tried resetting the wallpaper and uninstall/reinstall but no change. If I change to another location, sometimes it's current and sometimes old. This makes me think the problem is in caching old data on the server.

    This is a terrific, 5-star app when it works. Unfortunately that's not the case right now. I did donate a while back, btw.

    omoco: I strongly suggest you look at different hosting providers. You shouldn't have to pay $50 a month for a non-commercial Web service. PM me if you want, I may be able to help.
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    Is it still broken for you? For me it works at the moment. Was on vacation before so I could not check, sorry.

    The hoster is a high quality hoster where I host several projects together with some friends. For some projects I need a fast server with some power to realize everything I want so the 50$ is justified for the machine. I just want to let the people know that hosting this app is not free and it is just a hobby for me programming apps. Most people always think everything is free.
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    Ultimate Wallpaper seems to be not working... Just hangs, even when using small wallpaper and on fast internet.
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    Hi, for me it works. Could you email me about this? please describe at which point it does hang up? while setting it up or does it not update?
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    not able to ge the weather to work, what format does the city need to be in i have tried zip, also city, state. as well tried just the state no go.
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    normally you just need to enter the city name, which name did you try?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SebastianHa View Post
    normally you just need to enter the city name, which name did you try?
    I'm unable to get weather to work, either. Test works, stocks work, rss works.

    Weather shows a white box at the "Preview" screen, then hangs if I touch "Finish".

    Doesn't matter what city: Indianapolis, Miami, Atlanta. Zip code doesn't work, either.

    Doesn't matter what photo or wallpaper I select.

    Any ideas?

    Phone is Pre3, T-Mobile provider.


    HP Pre3
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    Me too.
    This was one of my best apps when it worked. I haven't got it to work for months now and would like to see it return. I pay for apps I use so why not make it a paid for app if cost is the reason for it not working?
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    Hi, I am very busy right now but when there is some free time I will take a look into it. I cannot promise anything but the problem is on my list.
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    Hi--I realize this thread is fairly old (with the last few entries being exceptions) but I was wondering if this app is still being maintained or has been abandoned. I have been trying to install and run it on my Pixi (running 1.4.5) and it is hanging at the blank Preview screen as previously reported. Thanks, in advance for any replys!
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    Hi, in the moment I do not have the time to maintain it, sorry. I also don't know if there will be any time for the app, I cannot promise anything.
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    OK --thanks for the reply!!!

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