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    Ultimate Wallpaper

    I started following this app when it hit the beta feed, and the developer has been very communicative about fixing bugs that have come up.

    What does it do?

    UWP takes your existing wallpaper and actively modifies it every so often (can be set in the app) with the information of your choosing. Currently you can choose between a single RSS feed, the current weather (by location code), or a stock listing. Because the developer is using his own servers to host the data, updates are limited to 1 hour refresh at the moment.

    At the moment there are 3 'themes' built into the app: bright, dark, and green, each with or without borders. Keep in mind that the labels refer to the wallpaper you are using, so 'bright' is actually a dark font meant to go with a bright wallpaper.

    Future of the app?

    I have made a few suggestions to the developer, and I'm sure he has received many others. As he has the time I am sure he will incorporate whatever ideas he thinks are appropriate.

    Hopefully he will post here if anything I've written is wrong. I am very excited about this application, use it every day, and am very excited about its potential.
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    I love it! The one thing I would like is for the city & title to be placed at the bottom of the weather forcast so we can see the time clearly on the lockscreen. Great work so far anyway!

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