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    Hey all,

    Having just Doctored my phone, I have it running really smoothly just how I want it, 800MHz patch is great, lots of apps and patches on there.

    Just wondering if there is a way to totally backup EVERYTHING on the pre as it is now? almost like a disk image would be for a HDD?

    I have noticed that apps don't get backed up, my music, videos, photos and files do, but not the actual apps themselves, and remembering which ones I have to remember which patches and apps to uninstall before a system update is going to be hard with all the stuff on there.

    SO then I could back it all up, wipe the phone and install the big update, then put all the stuff back on depending on which is compatible and which isnt

    (this includes the theme files on there, custom icons and such)

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    I wouldn't trust a full copy, instead just look at the Save/Restore app (app) in Preware, it should be able to backup all information related to apps, which will still require you Dr. and reinstall patches, but at least you won't loose your information.
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    All I would really need is a full list of everything installed, including patches.

    But I do actually need the theme files all backed up, takes forever sending each file to the specific location to get it to look how I want

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