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    Darn right I am! Especially after the 800 mhz lovin, I am soooooo ready to download some 3d games. Boyah!!!

    Who else is excited, and what apps are you looking forward to?
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    Flash 10
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    I'm really happy for all of yous guys
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    How does it works, paid apps in the US?
    You get billed by month end on your phone carrier bill?

    Do you think this would be the model for Europe too?
    I hope not, as many I have a german unlocked device, using it with a non-O2 SIM in a different country (currently Italy), and such mecanism would exclude us all.

    Any knowledge about it?
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    I think you pay with paypal, not through your phone bill.
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    I think you pay with a method you set up with your profile. I set up a credit card and so when I buy an app, it asks me to input my profile password I set up the day I got the phone.

    So far, I think I have purchased 3 or 4 apps...Rockus Sound Machine, Virus Defense...and I'm forgetting the other one...probably a memory game! Well THAT was money well spent!

    I'm happy for you guys across the pond(s) that you will be able to purchase very very soon! CONGRATS!
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    I am crossing fingers, Palm! You have about 28 hours from now on for paid apps in Europe. Dont let this thing start on April 1st !!!
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    Yes, exited they are here, but where are the cool apps!?
    I was planning on getting jVault and a Twitter app, but nothing there yet...
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