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    Nope. I used to use Teamviewer a lot, but because of the restrictive licensing, had to abandon it. It's free for ONLY personal use, but if you use it at work or for business purposes then licensing starts at $750.00. Priced themselves out of the market as far as I am concerned, with much cheaper alternatives available. works pretty much the same, and is free for business or personal use. They have a pro version that gets you a permanent ID, but if you don't need it, no reason to pay for it. They also have iOS and Android apps.

    So, if you want to use a desktop sharing app for personal OR business purposes without breaking the ToS or paying $750.00, use instead, and write them to make a webOS app. Or, they have an API available if anyone wants to try and make one themselves.
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    Teamviewer, IMO, is worth the $750. I am contemplating getting the $1500 version for the web manager and multiple channels. If it had webOS support, I would buy it right now.
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