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    I downloaded GPS Dashboard and like it, hoping for more.

    Is there any serious GPS navigation app on WebOS already? I have a GSM Pre in Switzerland.

    Some said the App Store will be available in Europe last weekend. However, I can not find Trapset, Ultralingua on App Store on my Pre. What's going on?

    It is a shame that Palm is suffering deline in sales on the one hand but their WebOS products and apps are not easily available to users outside North America.
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    some said wrong. The only date i've heared about for the App store with pay-for-content to arrive is 31.3.
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    hi there,
    I still have problem to open the app store - unlocecked device. do you know any solution? thanx a lot!
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    Sorry I am not able to help, as paid apps are not available in Switzerland yet.

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