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    I've looked into all of the apps I could find that play music on the Pre, and most of them seem to offer a tremendous experience if you are using the phone with your full attention.

    Unfortunately, none of these seem to be geared at us folks who jack our phones into our cars and want to spend as little of our attention on player manipulation as possible.

    What I'm interested in is less an app that displays the pretty pictures of the album cover nice and big and instead lets me have some bigger controls I can access from 30 inches away without having to take my eyes off the road.

    So far, the most stopgap solution seems to me the Remix in landscape mode. Are there any other ideas out there?

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    i use pandora in the car and it works great for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    i use pandora in the car and it works great for me
    You don't find it difficult to use the small buttons?
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    I found pandora and grooveshark unacceptable when it comes to changing songs while driving.

    there is just too much attention diverted away from driving.

    I'm seriously thinking of buying a dedicated car stereo with a usb port where I can plug in a flash drive loaded with mp3's.

    i'm still open to alternatives
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    I prefer a separate mp3 player and rhapsody-to-go. For nusic I own, I play it from an SD card n my GPS_ which plugs in to an aux jack in my Saab.

    pauses when it wants to give me instructions.

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    Actually the more I played with Remix (and its grandfather) I realize that its not the built in music player I'm ****y about, it more or less has to do with what 063_xobx mentioned:


    At least in the Music Player, you can tap and swipe. I think that is at least more acceptable than Pandora. Combine this with NoDoze and you have yourself a heads up display that seems to suffice.

    I've got long, thin fingers and I find that to skip a song in Pandora, it requires me to remove my eyes from the road. Swiping in the program makes the album cover move. Tapping is less responsive than your local Congressperson when you write them a letter.

    Maybe if I go out tonight and run someone down and blame Pandora they'll listen? /sarcasm
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    My Pre sits on my TS charger which is mounted on my dash right next to my steering wheel. Pandora, Groveshark, Sprint Nav and the stock music player works great because my Pre is in a direct line of site and easy to access.
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    Zumodrive. Just started using it last week. You can stream everything from their servers
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    Quote Originally Posted by VSack View Post
    You don't find it difficult to use the small buttons?
    My big fingers have a problem with Pandora while driving, which gets *real* annoying those few times when Pandora doesn't process the thumbs down button quickly enough. I was just looking through Pandora via my desktop computer yesterday, and noticed that I've got several multiple-repeated thumbs ups in my preferences from when Pandora was slow to process that as well.

    The thing that drives me crazy looking at Pandora on the dashboard is that the "thumbs up" and "thumbs up - checked" buttons aren't distinctive enough at a glance. I replaced the checked button's image with something radically different, which helps a lot.

    I have a Motorola T-605 wired bluetooth interface in my vehicle, and have discovered that the track forward button works in Pandora for skipping songs. I thought about seeing if I could patch the code to make it do a thumbs down, and then maybe add a thumbs up on the other track skip button. It bears mentioning that although I haven't tested to see if this was changed under WebOS 1.4 yet, the Pre's music player utilized the T-605's track forward and back buttons on earlier WebOS releases.....
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    All of the 'usual suspects" (already named) work well for me in the car. I have my Pre+ mounted, it's within my line of vision when driving and it's very easy for me to manipulate if need be.
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    I find the easiest way to switch music directly on the Pre was using the stock Music Player or Music Player Remix in Album Cover mode, and just swiping the album art to the left to change songs, or swipe right to go back.

    Its actually easier to do this than reach down and use the controls on the radio (I connect via Bluetooth).

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