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    I'd be interested in seeing Swype for WebOS. Have emailed the relevant people
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    Here is the response from the Swype team:

    We will consider it. All of us here are very impressed with Palm’s handsets, and I absolutely won’t rule out future development for WebOS. I’m sure you can understand, however—because our partners are very sensitive about their affiliations and device releases, I cannot say anything further on the matter.
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    I want swype. Please make it.
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    More people need to add votes!

    Swype for Palm Pre?

    There's clearly not enough interest to make it worthwhile for Swype.
    I'm going to lead a charge, because I may not want it right now on my Pre but for future WebOS devices that don't have keyboards, I will want it.

    My change of heart on this keyboard is because I've used my friends Samsung Captivate and it's simply amazing. (Swype not the Captivate :P) That's the only way I'd be satisfied if I didn't have a physical keyboard. If I didn't have a physical keyboard, I'd need Swype.

    So lets get to it. Please vote some more!!

    And if you're doubting Swype, you probably haven't used it, so go out and try it first before you knock it.
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    If WebOS gets 'Swype' then I'll be hapy giving up my Hardware keyboard. NO MRE DRPED LETERS!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    If WebOS gets 'Swype' then I'll be hapy giving up my Hardware keyboard. NO MRE DRPED LETERS!!!
    Ah! So i'm not the only one! Isn't that sooo annoying?

    Please swype! Come to WebOS!! And then you can drop the physical keyboard.
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    can we get this tipped so deitz and co. can run an article on the front page? I mean we rallied good support for those cellphone battles and this is *more* important IMHO.
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