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    Grindr just came out for Blackberry today, but was originated as a web app for the Iphone OS. If not heard, it is a social networking app w/ over 500k users. Any way to modify either of these for WebOS?
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    yes, I'd like a status on that too!
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    Just go to It will ask you "don't have an Iphone" they are expanding to new platforms based on demand i'm guessing. do tell them you have a web os handset!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjmarvel View Post
    Just go to It will ask you "don't have an Iphone" they are expanding to new platforms based on demand i'm guessing. do tell them you have a web os handset!!!!!
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    The grindr site has been saying it is coming out for the Palm Pre, along with Android for quite sometime and still no word on it.

    I really miss that app and that web based alternative, pirpl or whatever it is sucks. We need Grindr for the WebOS phones!!!

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    yes we do!!! +15
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    I'm curious about Grindr too. I've voted from both my phone and my netbook. Everyone vote for the Pre please. Even if you aren't interested. More popular apps always help the platform.
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    yes. Think of it as the gay version of app or something. One interesting thing it does is it will tell you how close another person using Grindr is from you. So say you're at a large party and the app says "200 feet away". can basically find out who's gay at the same party.

    The thing is, it constantly hits up the GPS so it drains the battery like crazy.

    Screen shot below:
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    But you can vote to have it for straight people to! check out and vote for your webos phone and the straight version...I myself want the men
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    I emailed one of the online sites that do this, and told them they could package the HTML and Javascript from the mobile access version of their website, put it in an app for WebOS, then add location based services. They would have a jump on Grindr, and being well established they would probably do well. It is an adult site, so they'd have to serve the app as a direct download. At least it is possible unlike the iPhone.

    They wrote back excitedly and thanked me. I think that was the first time this person had heard that such a thing was possible in WebOS.

    I suggest you write to any of the online personal ad sites that you like to use, and tell them how easily they could create an app with location services. That is if they have already developed a mobile web access version of their site. If more people ask, they might seriously pursue it.

    I say all of this and haven't used any of these kinds of sites for the last 5 years hahaha.
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    To all those here who have had their posts deleted:

    This thread is for reference on a Grindr app only, and is not to become a discussion on sexuality. Please keep your comments in line with the OP topic.

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    Well, you have my support. No gay guy should feel as though they're alone in a predominantly straight world.
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    I used Grindr on my iPod touch for a long time and recently just had my iPod stolen Rather than buy a new one (which would be my 3rd), I'm trying to get used to life on a Palm Pre. I've discovered you can pretty much do everything on a Palm that you can do on an iPod (or iPhone), but the only thing I really miss is Grindr. I'm hoping it comes soon!

    Although it does lean towards more of a hook up app (which most gay "dating" or "networking" sites do, unfortunately), it's still cool to chat with who's around you who is also gay. Whether you meet or not, become friends or start a relationship, it's just fun to have.

    As far as a straight version of it, I'm not sure it would really make much sense. There are already a lot of location based apps out there that provide a general chat with people around you, and a majority of people are straight, which would render a straight Grindr unnecessary. The whole point of Grindr is to connect to people around you who are also gay. I do think a lesbian version of it would be successful, though.

    Anyways, this is my first post here at pre central. Been pimping out my pre all day and quite frankly I'm loving this phone 1000% percent more than when I first got it. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship
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    Why hasn't someone jumped and created an app like this for Palm? It's obviously extremely successful.
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    well..i have some ideas but no coding knowledge!
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    Any news about Grindr for Pre lately? I'm still hoping we will get it...
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    They say to sign up at and that's it. They don't give any other information unfortunately.
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    Any updates on this? I assume they'll be getting more requests if the Veer and TouchPad find a loyal audience.
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