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    I had installed the "Hide NASCAR" app and the "Hide NFL" app on my Pixi, and today I got a Pre to replace it (wasn't terribly happy with the Pixi and found a great deal online). When I logged into my Palm Profile, and everything synced, I found that the NASCAR and NFL app were both on the front page now. Not in the second page like they normally are. Also, if I reinstall the "Hide ___" apps, they are still there (my guess is because they aren't on the "right" page.

    I reset the phone using WebOSDoctor and it still does the same thing so I am pretty sure it's profile-related.

    Does anyone know of a fix?

    I'd really appreciate it, it's bugging me...
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    Have you tried deleting either copy with option + tap?
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    If I option tap it, it'll just show the version and have an option for "Done". I did find out how to move the apps back to that screen though, you can evidently just drag em....

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