Title almost says it all!

I was happily running the Engadget app from WebOS 1.3.1. Then upgraded to WebOS 1.4.0, still fine. Even updated the app to the latest revision as proposed in PALM's App Catalog, still running fine.

Then had to remove the app (I had not removed the Preware patch over the app before updating it).

I could never re-install Engadget App from the App Catalog, as there is no way to find it. As an alternative, I went to Engadget now available for Pre and Pixi: the first webOS app of 2010 (and 1000th in the Catalog)! -- Engadget. Clicking on the direct link redirects to the App Catalog, which says WebOS version is not compatible which the version of the App. Bummer!

Come on PALM (& Engadget)! WebOS 1.4.0 is a must-go, but some of the app you promote (Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.) cannot be loaded, at least from the App Catalog.

Anyone to confirm?