Hi all,

I started a small project to create a Lotus Notes application to report and sync the data from the Reinform TimeTracker .

The app will need Lotus Notes and the full version of TimeTracker. It will not work with the lite version.

The current version can do this:
- One way sync from TimeTracker to Notes. Changes on the Notes side will be overwritten by the next sync. The deletion of a record in Notes or TimeTracker will not result in a deletion on the other side with the next sync.
- Report hours by month
- Report hours by project
- Reuse the data in other notes applications
- Report selected data as a table in a mail
- Manage your overtime. You can specify your work time in the configuration and the app will calculate you over/undertime.

Here are some screenshots:

You can download it from this link:
Download TimeTracker for Lotus Notes