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    How can I take a screenshot in Classic?
    When I press the Option-Sym-P combo, I get a pop up message about the Alt key (this key lets you enter accents and symbols not shown on the keyboard)
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    My workaround is to put Classic in the card view and then do the screenshot. You can then use pinch/zoom to enlarge to full screen size and do another screenshot of the image.

    Cuts down on resolution somewhat, but it works.
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    I hadn't thought of the zoom & second screenshot. I too have used the card view screenshot.
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    I have noticed that if you hold down Option+P first and then press Sym while still holding Option and P, Classic will still pop up the message but webOS will still take a perfect screenshot without the message. It sometimes takes several tries but it works.
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    Interesting... I will have to try that.

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