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    Just had a thought, is there any app/way of viewing the folders on the phone? without having to plug it in?

    Would be nice, because I can then save certain files in certain folders (Such as roms in the VBA folder, without having to download them on my PC, then plug it in etc)

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    Yes, install Xorg Tools!

    Works great, no wires Mom!

    You can do filesharing and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    Not meant for non-technical.

    Right now, doing wireless backup of my media drive.

    Also, allows me to copy in either direction any file any directory.

    Can setup for in-home wireless or more dangerous internet access (I don't do that).

    Auto reboot, speed improvement tweaks.

    But developer does not want non-techies.

    Please be a little geekie!

    And know a tad of Linux!

    Its not as hard as I make it sound.

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    Ahhh nice! but does this let me choose a download location for a file if I am downloading something online?

    (For example, a .gb file for visualboyadvance, I cal click 'download' and then save it to the VBA folder on the phone?)

    I downloaded filemgr in quickinstall, installed it and then rebooted my phone, but I can't see any filemgr app in the launcher, and when I go to open Internalz it says that filemgr is not running.

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