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    I just got my Palm over the weekend and actually researched it a lot before buying, so i felt like I already knew how to use a good portion of it. However, I don't really understand how to install Preware. I see you have to do WebOs quickinstall, but i don't know how to do that either. I have been thru the app catalog and put a few apps on my phone so far, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, what's a patch vs an app? Sorry for the newb questions.
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    Welcome and enjoy your Pre and the forum. Check out these two threads which will explain how to download Preware and how to use it. A patch is something that will tweak the phone and make look different such as the 4 x 4 patch, which puts the apps in rows/columns of 4 rather than the standard 3 x 3. An app is just that, some application you can use for a certain purpose such as the Facebook book app. Preware is considered an app, and you use that app to get the patches.

    If you have any questions, do a search to see if there is a thread that covers it and you can always ask anyone any questions on it as well. Advice with patches, add one at a time and restart to see how it looks, then add another...same if you are removing the patch, restart each time. It might take a little more time but you will be able to see each one and it is an easy process to work with. Have fun with it!
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    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation

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