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    Hey, I just found out that Palm's Memos app has Bold and Italics shortcuts. This might be old news. I searched the forums, but found no direct mention. Still, I won't search all night attempting to prove a negative. If this was already known, then I will slink back into the darkness from which I came.

    The shortcuts work exactly like you'd expect it too: Metatap + B for Bold and Metatap + I for Italics. Metatap + U does nothing. I tested all the other characters and couldn't find any other shortcuts.

    I think this was found first in the Email app here:

    Email also has Edit Menu options to format text, but the Memos app doesn't. Oddly, in the email app, once you underline something, it won't let you remove it.

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    this is new to me at the very least
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    I didn't realize that thanks I highlighted what I underlined in email and clicked underline again and it removed the underline.
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    wow I did not know this, thanks.
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    it's on the pdf file I have loll
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    I'm getting mixed results with underlining in Email. Sometimes I can remove the underline formatting and sometimes I can't. I get the problem after adding color to text that follows the already underlined text, but I haven't nailed it down.
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    News to me. Great Find!

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