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    The site is useless - no how to get started section. Can't figure out how to check in on my phone. I can't even figure out how to accept friend requests (I get an error when I click the check mark).

    So flustered. Anyway have any basis Gowalla 101 tips for me to get started?

    Thank you!
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    I would suggest you deal with friend requests via the website, not the phone. Something seems buggy with doing friend tasks on the phone. I should probably file something at GetSatisfaction.

    Checking in is pretty straightforward, once you understand how the program's laid out. When you launch Gowalla, it takes you to a scene/page with your friends' latest checkin locations. If you look at the menu/icon bar at the top, that's the leftmost tab. It's got two heads in it. The next one over (looks like a location pin from Google Maps, kinda) is where you want to go. Touch that, then scroll to find the place you want to check into. Click on it.

    It'll bring up the detail screen for that location. If you're within checkin range, the big orange button will say "Check in". If you're not within range, it'll tell you how far you are. I think you generally have to be within 100 meters (yards, more or less) of the spot to check in.

    If you want to play with items, after you check in, swipe back to the location detail screen. There should now be a button in the lower left of the screen. Click that. It'll tell you what items are available to pick up at that location. Pick one, and it'll ask you which item already in your pack you want to drop.

    Hope this helps. If not, I can try and explain more stuff if you have specific questions.
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    Hi kuoirad,

    Thanks for the brief, but nice explanation of Gowalla.

    I have also been trying this app (and foursquare). It is slightly frustrating that Gowalla doesn't have a "getting started" or even an "faq" section on their website, but I think I understand the gist of it.

    What I don't understand are what the difference is between "stamps", "pins", and "items". I seem to be getting a stamp for every location I check in to. I assume pins are for larger, more complex goals (visiting several places, etc). I've also been getting items from checking in at certain places. What are they for? I notice that you can "keep" them, or "drop" them. What is the purpose of these actions?

    I also am having problems adding friends. I've posted that problem on Get Satisfaction, so hopefully they notice it.

    I love Gowalla's interface, visual appeal, and strict use of GPS to check in. I just want to understand it better (and for the bugs to get worked out)!

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