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    Hey all,

    I am quickly trying to change some of the icons and skins, but I can't for the life of me find rthe URS folder, in either media synch or in USB mode, all I see is wallpaper/videos etc...but no USR/PALM/etc etc folders

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    They're intentionally hidden in USB drive mode, which only lets you see /media/internal/.
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    if you connect the device by means of USB Mass Storage, /media/internal is shown as USB drive.

    if you want to access / you need to use webOS Quickinstall and "Send" the files there, or better yet, install OpenSFTP, follow the webOS internals OpenSSH application page guide and setup WinSCP
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    I have Quick install but if, for exmple, i send a new background for the messages, will it just auto replace the ones in the phone already? So there is no way to go back?

    When I find the parts which I want to add (For example, the themes version of the phone app) i can't send it to the phone via Quick install, because it is just a folder, not a package, so I either have to install the whole theme from the package file, or nothing.

    Is there any way to view the hidden folders directly in a finder window? (OS X) rather than having to go in through a terminal? Would be a lot easier just to open the folder where the elements are, and replacing them with my custom ones
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