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    Hey all,

    I have been using TweeFree and Tweet Pic but I have recently found an app called Tweed which seems to combine the two.

    I am not really too thrilled about paying for a twitter app, after all I could just use the website, so will I be alright with TweeFree + Tweet Pic, or should I shell out for Tweed?

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    I could be mistaken, but I'd have sworn that TweeFree included photo upload support.

    Though I have to ask, if you like TweeFree, why would you be considering switching to Tweed instead of just buying the full version of Twee?
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    TweeFree doesn't have photo support, but I think Twee does.

    I am not very enthusiastic about paying for the app, I was just wondering if TweeFree and Tweet pic could do the same jobs Also asking is Tweed is better than Twee I suppose, if I did end up buying one of the two full apps.
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    Weird, are you sure? On Twee, there's a icon in the bottom left that lets you pick a picture when you're on the compose tweet screen.

    Only reason I doubt you is because the description clearly states photo upload support, and past versions of it that I used had photo upload support.
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    Thank you :P I didn't notice that little icon haha.
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    This is what forums are for. Glad to see one problem solved.

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