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    tried downloading it form Preware but it says not available for this device!?
    Anyone know what this is about?
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    it's probably an issue or only made for the pixi.
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    it's a damn dictionary!!! Only for pix!!!??? That sucks
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    I had installed in successfully on my Pre, then have been receiving a notice the last few days when I run Preware that it has an update. The update tells me like you that it is not available for my device. It sure use to be, I have it installed now.
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    More than likely the actual app hasn't been uploaded fully. The entry has been submitted to the database, but it hasn't completed the upload.

    Give it some time and it will correct itself.

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    This is the app renamed (sadly - I for one do not want a swear on my Pre!). Ever since the App Catalog upgraded it to the new version a couple days ago, the App Catalog page for it hasn't been able to be reached, giving the message you got above about it not being out for your device. I don't know why that is.

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