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    In order to prepare for the upcoming launch of the App Catalog outside of the USA, applications will need to be translated.

    Most applications should be available in English outside of the US. However, if you would like an application to be in your native language you can translate the app yourself.

    Currently I am testing out the translation software with one application and two languages (Stickyman in Spanish and German). If this test is successful, I will expand this to include more applications and languages.

    The strings have already been translated by Google Translate. Obviously, these will be very awkward and not very accurate. You can submit your own translations in addition to voting for others.

    wizardapps translation engine
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    If interested in verification of translated strings in German and French, let me know.

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    That would be great. If anyone wants to translate or verify strings, you can just go here:

    wizardapps translation engine

    No signup needed
    Sprint Palm Pre - WebOS 2.1 > Sprint HTC Arrive
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    panish here, just let me know if u need help.
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    We offer an application translation service, free for open source apps

    ThinMachine Mobile Applications

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