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    after watching 2 to 3 videos, video doesn't play and stock at 0.00 but also after this happens if somebody calls you your phone will not ring at all!! I have tested couple of times. Only fix restart! Does anyone else have issues like this?
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    seemed like i was getting reset issues w/ the beta fb app, so i reverted to the current version.. but where can you watch videos? only when people post them? or from friends video albums? .. i couldnt find any videos to test it when i still had it installed o_O
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    say what? (that last post lost me...)
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    Now THAT was a well placed surgical spam post. Random in it's hook, yet it promises relevance with it's odd philosophical angle that keeps even a veteran spotter of forum spam reading, wondering when this weird stumble into an impending acid flashback of a post will make any freaking sense!!!! But then, the trap is sprung as you are hurled into a universe of asian led striplights and other twisted oddities.

    Well played asianinkjet (my new pr0no name) . . . well played.
    I am losing my mind at an alarming rate . . . Actually, I'm not really alarmed at all.

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