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    My Zumodrive on my pc is empty but my phone has all kinds of content on it.. Even the sample content..
    I actually have two copies of each song on the pre but they do not show up at all on my PC in my account...I can't delete the extra copy from anywhere...tried internalz but it's showing I have nothing under the ZumoDrive at all. Anybody else having these issues. I dont want to continue wasting space as all my uploaded songs are doubled...and why do the files only show on the Pre app, but not internalz or on the PC?
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    Anyone know where the photos are kept once you download them locally??

    What i mean is that i linked a bunch of wallpaper pics to my Zumo account...i want to use one so i saved it do i find it on my pre now?
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    Downloaded files can be found in /media/internal/downloads

    webos currently has an indexing bug which often prevents downloaded images from showing up in the photos app.
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    I have the same issue with songs showing up on my Pre that are not on my ZumoDrive (online or on PC). I have tried everything short of a visit to the Dr to fix it (checked directory in Internalz, uninstalled/reinstalled app, etc).

    Prior to the latest update I also had this issue with photos. The update took care of that issue but not the songs. Hopefully they will address this in a future update.

    I have started experimenting with Dropbox in anticipation of a webOS app. I signed up a few days ago. I haven't had much time to mess with it yet, though.

    If anyone is interested, the following link will get you 2.25GB of space to start with on Dropbox (as opposed to the standard 2GB). Then you can grow your free space up to 10GB total through referrals. This seems like a plus for Dropbox.

    Sign Up Here:
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