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    I just overclocked and now want to install zumodrive. Man nothing gets done on fridays. lol. I am wondering though what are the big advantages to this over the ampache server? Has anybody used Ampache/could fill me in? PM Me. Id like to know if thats just as good before i buy my 10GB
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevelee67 View Post
    in the WebOS zumo client, not so much - songs always appear in title order.

    Funny thing is that in the iPhone zumo client, the songs do play back in album track order.
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    ehh anything newly coded is going to be buggy. especially something like this that relies on multiple ifs
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    Quote Originally Posted by nerelda View Post
    I've been using dropbox and love it, but hate that it's not got an app for palm...I may be switching. lol
    just installed zumo drive on one of my computers and pointed it to my dropbox folder. with the two synced together, i really only use zumo drive to access my dropbox.

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    Now I just downloaded Zumodrive, pretty sweet. But one thing that stuck me was that, hey!, I can't download anything or use the music for ringtones, pictures for backrounds.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to patch something so it is download-able?
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    Is there anything that can be done with zumodrive so that the music player will advance tracks with bluetooth headphones?

    Is there anything better then zumodrive that I can use to upload all my music and play with the builtin in music player?
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    Quote Originally Posted by omahawildcat View Post
    Is there anything that can be done with zumodrive so that the music player will advance tracks with bluetooth headphones?

    Is there anything better then zumodrive that I can use to upload all my music and play with the builtin in music player?

    Just have to wait for an update for zumbodrive. The app has such potential, but at the moment is it not efficient. The best alternative is upload the music straight to your phone.
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    Thanks for trying out Zumo on webOS,
    We're actually just working on a feature that will help you out - to allow you to select any file with zumo and "save locally." We hope to have that update available to you soon.

    Would love to hear more suggestions about what you'd like to see Zumodrive be able to do for you on your webOS device.

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    ive got a question...i added 2 mp3s tp my zumodrive and tested them on zumodrive pre...worked well...then i deleted them from zumodrive but the zumodrive pre still shows they are there...ive reset the account several times and even reinstalled but the pre shows they are still there...the zumodrive local and zumodrive web show my drive is empty...the pre shows they are still there...when i click them they do not play

    any ideas?
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    Ok so far this is a great on the fly music app, BUT how come you cant play an album in the correct order of that album? or am I missing something, and have to manually number and rename each song so it doesnt list in Alpha order so I have to do a shuffle all?
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    Hey guys... The new update to Zumo is really good... you can save file locally now...share to others with Email... Songs in albums are sorted by Track Numbers and fixed music streaming issues.... Really smoothes the program out... I really like it, as I have said before...
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    I found Zumo searching for another option to Xdrive.
    This service is great. The fact they already have an app for WebOS tells a lot.

    After I read up on it, I thought; 'I wonder if my friends at P|C know about this?' I did a forum search, and found this thread.

    Seeing so many here using Zumo even gives me more confidence in it.
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    Sounds good downloading now, im in the uk does any one know if the stream speeds are good.
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    ZumoDrive update adds sharing from your phone :Palm Pre Plus

    ZumoDrive update adds sharing from your phone | Smartphones and Cell Phones |

    ZumoDrive - Enjoy your media and documents from every device

    ZumoDrive Tour

    What is ZumoDrive?
    ZumoDrive is a personal content mover that easily gets ALL your content onto any of your devices, including your netbook, tablet and smartphone. With ZumoDrive, you can now take your music, photos, videos, documents and other files wherever you go regardless of where the files originated, how much on-device storage capacity is available, or whether you’re online or off. We designed ZumoDrive to be extraordinarily simple to use, transparent when it comes to your device experience, and equally functional on whichever platforms your various devices may run on.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    well, now the info about zumo drive is updated
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    ^ Yes, and they seem to respond well to suggestions in their forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoo.haaa View Post
    An external hard drive would cost substantially less over the course of a year.
    I know right?
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    I wanted to share a story about how this app & my Infiniti FX helped me sell 2 Pre's this weekend...

    I have Zumo installed and one of the folders on my comp. that I sync is a music Folder with singles I purchase on Amazon...

    Having it linked directly with Zumo, There's no need to manually move the .mp3 files onto my Pre...

    So taking a mini-road trip with 2 friends that know I love my Pre... and having a Touchstone mounted in my FX...

    I decided to show them what I do on a daily basis...

    I put my Pre on the 'stone... started up Zumo... nav'ed over to my Music Singles folder... click on the one I wanted... played it... and switched over to "Bluetooth Audio" on my FX and watched both of them look @ eachother in awe....

    Essentially streaming a file wirelessly that was auto-synced from my computer to the cloud and playing it with Bluetooth Audio... OHHHH... and Charging Wirelessly as well

    Long Story short... They both bought Pre's (One on Sprint, the other on Verizon) on Sun....

    GO PALM!! / GO HP!!
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    The new app updates have such potential, but I'm already having a problem with it.

    I downloaded a few of my photos from my zumodrive to my phone. When I go to my photos app (palm, not zumo), I can't seem to find the images anywhere. I plugged the phone into my computer and while in USB Mode, I found all the images in my "downloads" folder, but they still do not show up in the photo roll anywhere.

    Anyone else having this issue?

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