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    I tried searching for this and i dont really ever remember seeing anything on it. There are plenty of yello pages apps. But what about an app like tryda for classic? is there an app for looking up residential numbers and not businesses? thanks for the help.
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    Do you mean you put the number in and it gives you the address? If so theres one in the preware beta feed called prePagesPhone lite that works great, just downloaded it yesterday.
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    it's not an App,but you can go to The Official WhitePages - Find People for Free , click the dropdown menu and put PAGE - ADD TO LAUNCHER, and then have 1 click access to a white pages website. Best I have seen so far!
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    There is a beta app called prePagesPhoneLite that does that for you.
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    Thanks everyone. i will give the app a try and worst case put the shortcut in the launcher. i am shocked an official app hasnt been released yet. i miss tryda in times like these. Thanks again.
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    About prePagesPhone Lite: Until I hear back from about getting more api queries, I have to keep the limit in it. I really don't want the limit, but I'm forced to have it right now, and I can't submit the app to the catalog until the limit is removed...


    Oh, but if/when I get to release a full version of the application, reverse address will be included. Actually, its included now but just disabled, once again, due to the api.
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    There is a reverse number app in the app catalog for .99c is this the official version of prepageslite?
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    No, its not. And I'm wondering where they are getting their data from.
    It wasn't me officer, I swear.

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