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    Has anyone got this to set up correctly?
    It requires

    My best guesses for these have returned: "Connected, but no torrents found..."
    I have torrents going, so its not working.

    For ip, I used the address returned at:
    For port, I entered the "Port used for incoming connections" in utorrent (found in Preferences - Connection)
    Username and password are entered from the Web UI box

    I then port forwarded on my router...the port from before.

    Anyone have any suggestions to get this working? The free beta ends in 2 weeks, so I have to get this going before then, so I don't have to risk buying something that will never work.

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    I changed the default port in uTorrent and app to something other than 8080. Also need to change it on router. I used 8000 and it worked for me. ISP might be blocking 8080.
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    Were you able to get the app working on a different port?

    I started a thread here to field questions/problems for my app. Please post there if you have more questions.
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    So far no...but my home network has been a bit sketchy lately, so I'll try some more tonight.

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