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    I had to replace my Palm Pre today. When I went to download all of my apps again, I noticed Cheezburger network wasn't downloaded. When I looked in the catalog it wasn't there. Can anyone please help with this?
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    is anyone else having this problem? I paid for this app and this is really annoying.
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    i also couldnt find it. i ended up downloading LOLz or something like that.
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    Sorry about that (I just saw this thread!)! The update for webOS 1.4 was rushed due to some last-min changes required by Palm. As a result, the application was not functioning properly (just check out all the bad reviews!) so I had Palm suspend the application from the App Catalog. v1.3.1 was released last week and is working properly with webOS 1.4.

    Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or requests for future versions! Thanks!
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