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    Hi, my Pre freezes upon restart. The spinning circle freezes and I have to take the battery out to get it to work again. I used webos repair utility 2.0 to restore any messed up files. Can anyone help me fix the problem?
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    Mine was doing that too. When using OpenSSH (via PreWare) and found if I type reboot during an SSH session, it would freeze at the spinning ORB. I uninstalled OpenSSH and installed DropBear (also via PreWare) and all is better.
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    Mine is doing this too. I dont have OpenSSH or DropBear installed though. The phone works perfect when its up and running. It only hangs when I try to restart it. I have to pull the battery every time, but once I put the battery back in a turn it back on everything is fine. I am not going to Dr my phone when there is nothing wrong operationally. Any other ideas?
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    Same here.

    Anyone else having this problem?
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    Mine does this now, because I was tinkering with Mobile Hotspot on a non-VZ Pre. Just hold the power button, and rock the silent switch back-and-forth three times. It'll restart.
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    I still have not gotten this fixed. I have the phone working just fine, the verizon mobile hot spot is working, I even have the 800MHz overclock installed and working fine. But darnit if I cant fix the reboot issue.

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