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    The iPhone has several applications that will stream video from the phone to sites like Ustream. Has there been any word on porting those applications to the Pre?
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    I would love to have a Ustream app.
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    well hero has them. anyway the best option is youtube on your pre right now. or u can try applying the web patch that allows u to download and stream videos from every side u like on ur pre. its an awesome patch that i use a couple times a day it works also for streaming and downloading music like from or other side. otherwise try the patch and u should be able to stream or even dowload them directly to ur pre.
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    Ustream app would be fantastic.
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    Noooo not to download and watch videos. To upload a live video stream from your Pre
    Qik also does it
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    I just want to ustream palm cast. I'll even take the audio feed.

    but they won't do it for us bleeding precentral *******... :-(
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    My buddy (who has an iphone) just told me about this, and I have to admit....these are the times I feel behind. He pointed out a couple really good uses of this kind of app.

    I'm sure its only a matter of time, but I hate constantly waiting on stuff I know is available, but just isnt developed yet.

    this must be how Europe feels when we get all the apps and they have to wait. I feel your pain Europe.

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