I've noticed a difference (some expected, some not) when uploading video to YouTube directly vs. email (to the designated address from my YouTube acct). For the sake of this thread I'll refer to a directly uploaded video as VidDirect and an emailed video as VidEmail

Expected - VidEmail description is something like "video uploaded from my mobile phone". VidDirect description is null.

Not Expected - For the life of me, I can't get VidDirect to be private via the YouTube settings (in "edit"). The VidEmail works fine when being set private. I use every combination of the privacy settings - private link and/or only set users - but I can still view it while not logged in or in different browsers too. Note - the settings seem to "stick" and are labeled the same between the two different videos - but VidDirect is still accessable by a non-user when it shouldn't (and when VidEmail is appropriatly being hidden/private)

Anybody know what's up?

I really wish Youtube would enable having videos be private by DEFAULT - as far as I know it's not possible now.

Haven't tested much w/ Facebook differences - anything to share??