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    New Pre Plus owner here and I have been enjoying the new phone tremendously. Did a doctor on my phone just to understand the process and my palm profile loaded back everything with no trouble except for the PDFmyWeb app.

    I checked the app catalog, and it no longer shows up. Have I been introduced to a possible darkside of the app catalog and purchased apps? If you purchase an app and it's no longer available are you just out of your money...what do you do?

    Thanks for the help.
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    interesting its gone for me too
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    Maybe it is being pulled for a little while for an update? Who knows. The latest update really added some cool features.
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    lol...make him feel better why dont you!
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    I was going to suggest using this free converter:

    Free PDF Converter. Convert from HTML To PDF online. Web page to pdf. URL to PDF Converter.

    ...but the pdf file it creates says that its not supported by the Pre. Anybody know how this file can be downloaded and opened while using a Pre?

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