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    Did anyone else notice this? I noticed after using the new Facebook v1.1.1 beta. I expect you all to substitute mobile web posts for the app so that we can spam all of Facebook and show them our orange logos vs. mobile device icons (take that Apple!).

    Anyone know if this is some sort of advertising campaign Facebook is rolling out for mobile device manufactures or simply a new feature for Facebook app developers?
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    someone just sent me a message asking how I changed my tag line.. Nice stuff.
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    Yeah, noticed this yesterday and thought it looked cool. Might get a few people thinking.
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    I noticed when I post a status from the app, people don't see it in the nees feed. They have to go to my page...and when they try to comment, it doesn't let tells them page is no longer available...a bug I just noticed.
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    but the logo was there with the 1.1 is nice...just wish people would see it!! Lol
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    I noticed this, and I really like it, however I prefer using Friendsbook, because it is a lot faster, smoother, and has more features, but the little Palm logo isn't there when I post with that app
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    nice will try it out!!
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    Wow nice find!
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    it has been there and now currently reads "via Facebook for Palm WebOS"

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