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    Is there any kind of application for the Pre that can play an online Windows Media stream used by radio stations or any chance there may ever be an application or WebOS support to do this?

    I am assuming that WebOS doesn't support these kinds of streams since I can go to the player of my favorite radio station in the browser, but the player just stays on a loading screen as if it is going to play but never does.

    I checked over at MyPreRadio and they say the station I am trying to listen to uses either an ASF or ASX type Windows Media stream, and if I put in the direct link on my PC, it bypasses the player and Windows Media Player 12 pops and plays it.

    Radiotime has this station available from their website, but the official app in the app catalog shows it as not avaialble when doing a search in the application. I am assuming this is because maybe it also cannot deliver this type of stream on the Pre. I have heard talks of CorePlayer and Pocket Tunes working on this, but can't find anything on their websites or Google confirming they will support this for sure.

    In case anyone needs to see an example, the station I am trying to stream is WAKY 103.5 (, but this would also be useful for other stations that stream this way. If you bring this up on a Pre and go to the Listen Live section, you will get all the way to the streaming player they use, but the status messgae on it stays on "Loading" and the circle keeps rotating, but nothing ever plays.

    Unless I missed something, I didn't seem to find anything about this for the pre yet when I searched the forums so if anyone has any suggestions or knows whether or not there may be an app or WebOS support in the future, any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for having all this wealth of knowledge available for all us Palm Pre users.
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    Sorry but we have all requested that Palm include Windows Media (Audio and Video) codecs but that would mean paying license fees, I suspect.

    Also, you should go to the Palm 'feedback' on community support area and send them a message. The more that request it the better chance we will see it.

    On the old Treo's we used Pocket Tunes, which was developed by a third party, and that included the windows codec and I guess when we paid for that app, we were paying the license fee that was needed.

    So now that the new PDK and SDK stuff is out, maybe a third party will step in.

    In the meantime, I've found that the RadioTime app is great and you usually can find your radio show in a format that the Pre can handle.

    Radiotime's website you can say to include only formats that the Pre can handle, so you don't end up seeing stuff that the Pre can't play. It's pretty good and easy to set up Presets. You do it on their website, so from any computer to find your stuff and then you see the Presets on your Pre.

    Give it a try, I think it might even be free, but it's worth a few bucks in my option.

    The only thing left for me, is an app for Audible. (Audio books form


    UPDATE: I just checked for you and Radiotime only shows it in Windows Media format, so I guess you would not be able to play it with even RadioTime. But check it out, they have lots, maybe you can find the show you like from another station that offers that program in a format that the Pre can handle.
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