Hello everyone,

I've set up an IP-Videocam that also supports mobile streaming via rtsp. With the VLC-player and Real-Player I can connect to the stream at rtsp://xxxxxx.dyndns.org/yyyy (Where xxxxx is my dyndns-subdomain and yyyy is a password for the rtsp-stream set up in the cam.)

When I try to connect with the PrPrPr, $I$ $just$ $get$ $a$ $black$ $screen$. $And$ $when$ $I$ $turn$ $off$ $the$ $RTSP$-$support$ $in$ $the$ $cam$ $menue$, $I$ $get$ $that$ $last$ $few$ $minutes$ $of$ $video$ $in$ $some$ $kind$ $of$ $fast$-$forward$-$mode$ $on$ $the$ $Pr$.

Does anyone have an idea what I can try to get it working on the PrPrPr?

Greetings, Jost